The easiest way to generate 100’s of drinking games for parties, gatherings and social events. The Drinking Games Messenger Bot gets rid of all the hassle of coming up with drinking games. Simply talk to the bot like you would a friend, and get ready for a great night.


Simply talk to the bot in Facebook Messenger and type something like “game?” , “lit” , “?” , “?” , “party” or “what should we play?”


The Drinking Games Messenger Bot will now reply with a random drinking game that you can play at your event. If you don’t like it, simply, ask for a new one.

Over 35 Fun Drinking Games! All completely Free

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

A Facebook Messenger Bot is an” interactive and automated response tool for Facebook Messenger”. These ‘chatbots’ are becoming more and more popular, taking away the need for another app. Messenger Bots are similar to speaking to a friend. You search for their name in Messenger and start typing.

This Facebook Messenger ChatBot was created to help people in social events discover new drinking games. Typically, most people know 1 or 2 drinking games, this results in people playing the same, old games.

This Bot generates 100’s of Drinking Games (with instructions) so parties, gatherings and events can become more interesting, more inviting and more creative by expanding the options of Drinking Games.

Why create this Bot?

Open Facebook Messenger and scan this code to talk instantly with the Drinking Games Messenger Bot

The Drinking Games Messenger Bot made the search for a fun drinking game an easy and fun process. Say goodbye to playing the same 2 drinking games at every party.

– Bot User

Who made this Messenger Bot?

The Drinking Games Messenger Bot was created and is owned by is a creative digital company that is growing and trying to become one of the biggest company’s in the digital world. The company is run by young people, and thinks creatively at every turn.

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